Friday, November 2, 2007


Have you ever gotten to that point where you need a day off, mostly because you need to sleep in? I hit that point on Wednesday, but of course have had to suffer through until today. Tomorrow, I will have to do work, I will have to run errands, but at least I will get to sleep in. I can't wait.

Of course, I might be extra exhausted this week since it was Halloween and I had to be visually assaulted by women's costumes. On one hand, I understand that Halloween is a time when women can express themselves by wearing outfits they would not normally wear, however, must everything be the "slutty" version? Do we really need the "sexy" little red riding hood, or snow white. It just seems like this is somehow ruining the essence of the character. I'm all for expressing yourself, and I love Halloween, and I even like some of the costumes, but, really, is EVERY woman expressing her hidden "slut" on Halloween, or are there just not many options?

I have decided that this is directly linked to SGB ( Stupid Girl Brain). Let me explain... SGB cannot be helped and while some of us are fully aware of it and the negative effects, we cannot turn it off. SGB is the thing that tells us we must compare ourselves to every woman we see, including super models, even though we know this is ridiculous and cannot in any way help our self esteem. SGB tells us we are fat ALL THE TIME, and tells us that men mean something much deeper than what their words project. So how is this linked to Halloween? Every woman has this need to feel attractive all the time, hence all the comparing and whatnot. Therefore our SGB tells us that we must dress "sexy" and we must adjust our perspective of what is attractive to match what the typical male believes is attractive. Now, not all males believe "sluttiness" is sexy, but not one of you can tell me that you don't enjoy some of those costumes. So, in an effort to feel attractive, women are subjected to the need to wear these for Halloween.

And, honestly, if you can pull it off, and you are of appropriate age, DO IT. It's a great feeling. But please, ladies, let's not let this phenomenon spill over into our daily wardrobe, or for the love of everything holy, the wardrobes of young teenage girls ( Damn... too late.. )


The Critic said...

Aren't you the woman who came to my Halloween party dressed as Sexy Devil?

Stupid Girl Brain.

A. said...

Yes, but I am 28 years old, and like to pretend like I pulled it off, despite the fact that I was so self conscience about the outfit that we had to leave early.

Stupid Girl Brain.

The Critic said...

I'm not saying you didn't pull it off, I'm saying that you bought into what you here decry. Next you'll be complaining about Ohioans who move to Chicago...

a. said...


In my defense, the sexy devil in question wasn't really "Sexy" since it was a floor length dress.

And, WHAT? there are Ohioans moving to Chicago? Don't they know better?

The Keirnel said...

i will just have you know that i have seen some pretty scary thing working in a gymnastics facility. 7 & 9 year old cheerleaders modeling their high school counterparts. short butt shorts and tiny, tiny sports bras on 7 year olds is not something anyone should ever see.

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