Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Good Morning

It's amazing the power a simple act can have. For example, a simple "Good Morning" from a stranger can help transform any morning grouch into a smiling person, full of hope for what the day will bring.

Each morning as I exit the El stop and begin my walk to my office building, I am greeted warmly by an older woman in a wheelchair. She joyously says hello to everyone, and sometimes offers polite comments on outfit choices. She refers to most women as sweetie, and most men as guys. Every morning, I know she will be there to start my day with a bit of hope. "Good Morning, " she says, as I pass, " Hi guys, good morning, " she sings to others, " Have a nice day ladies, " she offers to a group of women, "That's a cute sweater, sweetie, " she comments to the young woman in front of me. Each passer by is blessed with a tiny bit of cheer to start their work day.

I was actually sad she wasn't there one morning, worried something had happened and I would never see her again. Yet, a few days later, and every day since, she has been there, and as cheerful as ever to help brighten my day.

Thank you Wheelchair Lady.

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The Critic said...

I, on the the other hand, usually run into the badgering panhandler.

"Hey man, give me a dollar."
"I don't have any money."
"Come on, man, a dollar. Give me a dollar."
"Seriously. I don't have any money on me."
"A dollar!"

This until I'm well past him and he begins badgering someone else.

Thing is, I'll typically give down on their luck looking people money because that's just nice to do for someone. Thin, scraggly guy who is wearing sandles in this weather? Sure, a dollar he might not use to buy sensible shoes, but maybe some crank keeps him from noticing his chillblains. Guy in a wheelchair? Sure.

Another dude who stands outside my building in a full length black trenchcoat and decent shoes? FUCK HIM. He's got nicer shoes than me.

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