Thursday, January 31, 2008

Apple vs. PC Debate Revisited

We all remember my blog on December 12th, right? The one about how Mr. Pessimistic would indulge in lengthy ranting as to why Apple is inferior to PC. The December blog prompted several lengthy discussions both between Mr. Pessimistic and myself, and also inspired several (equally lengthy)comments, which led to even more discussion. At the end of which, it was once and for all determined that Mr. Pessimistic does not like Apple and PC is the only way to go, he would not purchase an Apple, because "it's all an advertising thing" in which they, "claim to be something they are not". Of course advertising doesn't work on Mr. Pessimistic.. or does it...

We had buried the debate, and then this happened:

Now, Mr. P can't stop talking about how awesome Apple is, and how much he wants one.


Thursday, January 24, 2008

Something to Read

I am bored.
I need a new book to read, but cannot seem to find anything, that a. I haven't already read, b. sounds horrible, c. have been told it's horrible by trusted sources, d. have been told it's "AWESOME" by illiterate morons who also enjoy American Idol. So... what are your suggestions?

I don't want to read an old classic, I don't want to read a romance, or a book adapted to a movie, or vise versa. I don't want to read something mind numbing, or overly long. I definitely do not want to read anything written by one of the Bronte sisters, or even anything in that style. I need an interesting, page turner.. actually, I need several. So, bring on the suggestions.


Monday, January 21, 2008

Sleep Deprivation

How can you look at this face, and feel anything other than pure joy? You can't, that is unless you also have to live with him, clean up his poop, attempt to house train him, and listen to him whine when he wants to sleep on the bed. But, with a face like this, you just can't possibly stay mad for long, let alone tell him no he cannot sleep with you.

Therefore, I am suffering from Sleep Deprivation, making me tired and grouchy. I just can't say no to a great dane puppy, even though I know it's going to cause problems when he is HUGE!

I love my little guy!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Just Wanted to Share My Good Mood

Butterfly, by Mason Jennings. My favorite MJ song. It always cheers me up! Enjoy.


Sunday, January 6, 2008

Lucky Me

Yesterday morning, A. and I had a large list of tasks to complete which involved a trip to the groceries, a stop to Petsmart/Banfield Veterinary clinic, a visit to two banks, and a stop at Target. All those things were put on hold shortly after turning the key on my Toyota Tacoma's ignition system. The deafening sound caught me off guard, and I assumed that some part of my exhaust system had probably fallen off on start up. Much to my surprise, a large section of exhaust was gone, and the piece was no where around. The fresh saw marks would prove to be an indication of my auto troubles.
Apparently, the precious metals such as platinum, and palladium used in the construction of catalytic converters makes for a nice cash handout for crackheads at the nearest scrapyard/junkyard/metal recycling plant. Proprietors of these kinds of places will pay $100 or more for them. In contrast, the repairs for this easily reach up over the $1,000 range. Thieves/crackheads target vehicles with higher stances. Toyota pickups and SUV's prove to be the most popular victims. Despite paying a deductible, I'm fortunate enough to have auto theft insurance which will cover the damages. It does mean that I'll have to take a bus to school all week.
I wonder why the owners of these places accept catalytic converters when the surge in their theft has made headlines in papers, and has become an obvious problem. I would think that they also would have to face charges of receiving stolen property. I guess as long as they smelt it fast enough, and play dumb when the authorities come and question, there is really not much anyone can do about it. I worry that once I get this fixed, whats to stop it from happening again? I wonder if there is a way they can place a plate over it, and run a bead to cover it. I don't know though.
The night that this happened, police caught four people here in Lakeview doing it. They were most likely the ones who who got mine. There was an article about it yesterday in the Chicago Tribune, but apparently, any stories URL over a day old has to be paid for. *I don't get it either.. you have to pay for old news?*
I think the thing that amazes me most is that I've never seen or heard about this happening before. When I worked in an auto shop in Cleveland, I never saw anyone come in for catalytic converter theft repairs. Maybe it's just now catching on, who knows, or perhaps they did come in more often than I realized, but I just didn't make the connection.

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