Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Haunted Bedroom

Each night in their new apartment made the couple more uneasy. From the first night they moved in, they were aware of a strange energy in their bedroom. The first of the weeks passed, and they concluded it was merely their insecurities manifesting themselves in the form of fear, and the anxiety of unfamiliar surroundings.

As the nights passed, each felt more and more uncomfortable, and chose to bring it up in subtle ways, as to not frighten their partner. The girl began having strange nightmares, unlike her usual dreams, and the boy became paranoid and worried. They both watched ghost hunting related television, silently trying to compare their experiences with those on the screen. Finally, both concluded that the strange feeling in their bedroom was due to a high amount of electronics, for they were no longer insecure or unfamiliar with their surroundings.

Months passed, each desperately clinging to the belief/hope that the electrical outlet behind their bed was the culprit. More and more often the girl would be lying in bed alone and feel the presence of someone lying beside her. Her dreams became increasingly frightening, as she dreamt of a shadow hovering above her as she slept, and then awoke to find her cat staring at the corner where the shadow had been, meowing. She dreamt she was hoisted to the ceiling in the bedroom by an unknown force, and awoke to feel as though she had a heavy weight resting on her chest. The boy began to feel as though someone was lying against him or pressing against him, when the girl was not. He began to see shadows or glimpses of things scurrying around the room during the night. Finally, both decided to speak openly about their experiences.

It was concluded that the cat was the cause of much of this trouble. This cat was not like usual cats, in that she often meowed at things that were not there, and often caused a great deal of disturbance throughout the night. She must be the reason for it all.

Days passed, each becoming more and more frightened to be in their bedroom. Weeks passed, and each began to fear what their terrible nightmares would bring. Months passed and each wished for the lease to expire sooner. Neither knew what would come next, what the next night would bring, what horrible nightmares they would endure, they were just trying to hold on until their lease expired and they could find someplace less haunted to live.

Ughkk... I'm telling yah', weird energy in that bedroom, thankfully I have someone to hold onto in there.


The Critic said...

snicker snicker...booga booga ya fucking babies!

Anonymous said...

Maybe its your relationship that is causing all the problems and you are trying to blame something else....

someone from your hometown said...

Maybe the old lady from your house in Bellefontaine followed you there because she missed you d

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