Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Rhinestone Doggie Dude Ranch

Yesterday, I had an extended, lively talk with my mother while we worked out the logistics of "The Thanksgiving Trip" to Chicago. While, mostly we discussed arrival times, how to navigate public transportation, and what to do while I am at work for an entire day, the mentioning of The Dogs was inevitable.

The Dogs may be the most important and influential members of my immediate family, and so, finding a place for them to stay while "The Thanksgiving Trip" takes place, is highly important. Usually, when my mom travels, The Dogs stay with a family member, or a kennel. Typically these kennels consist of halls lined with individual cages, and sometimes a play area where the dogs can run around.

The Dogs have stayed in several of these types of places. That was, until, mom found The Rhinestone Doggie Dude Ranch.

From her description, each dog is allotted their own private suite, which includes: a full size twin bed with linens, a full size chair to lounge on near the window, their own private area to walk outside into, and a television. Also, she mentioned that the entire place is on a closed-circuit system which allows the curators to watch each dog, and give additional support for those having difficulty adjusting. The Dogs will be staying in an adjoining suite, which will allow them to mingle with each other, if they so choose.

During the course of "The Thanksgiving Trip" my mom and sister will be staying in a very nice Hilton in downtown Chicago. ( the entrance to the ball room pictured below)

Though, after hearing the amenities of The Rhinestone Doggie Dude Ranch, I'm starting to wonder who will really be pampered.


The Critic said...

Is that the one we stayed at? It looks similar, but different.

Dogs have it better, totally.

A. said...

Yep, the same one you stayed at.

Anonymous said...

Your mom must be one of those freakish people who insist on applying humanizing traits onto their pets to fulfill some deep rooted psychological need for nurturing. All she is doing is denegating the dog's natural canine heritage. She ought to be ashamed of herself.
By the way,R. and B. have FINALLY learned the lyrics to 8ball's "Three Blind Mice".

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