Monday, November 26, 2007

An Enchanted Moment

Last week, I enjoyed an all too brief, but wonderful enchanted moment downtown. I had ventured into the cold to grab lunch and found myself in the middle of a greeting card scene.

As I walked, I noticed that all the trees were decorated with white lights, and each store commanded a spectacular display window full of holiday cheer. As I continued walking, I became aware of one of our many horse and carriages walking along beside me, and in the distance I could make out the faint, yet steadily growing sounds of Christmas Music being performed by a lone sax.

My mood improved as I stood on the sidewalk, taking in the sounds and the atmosphere. I smiled to myself as I realized that this was a perfect moment, and I was aware of being a part of it. These moments are often passed through without a moments hesitation. Last week, I may have been the only one who embraced this moment as a spectacular one, but I will remember it always, among the many memories of my first Holiday Season in the City.



Anonymous said...

Christmas in Lakewood was pretty too.

A. said...

Remember how pretty our tree was?

The Critic said...

Now imagine if one of the stores had started blaring out of its sound system:

This magic moment
So different and so new

The Keirnel said...


heather had one of these kind of moments/days last christmas, i think? ask her about it. i just remember that it involved the library, a parade, santa claus, and alaina. i just remember being so jealous of her, as i am of you at this very moment. christmas in hawaii is not the same.

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