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2010 Travel Blog

2010 is all about new adventures. We plan to expand our horizons via travel this year. Tentatively planning to go on at least one short trip every month, with a few longer vacations mixed in. So, check back for updates on where we've been, pictures of our adventures and where we plan to go next! At least we will finally be writing something here again!

January: Hawaii (check back soon for more pictures!)

We just returned from the island of Oahu where we enjoyed a wide range of activities, and brought back thousands (I'm not kidding) of pictures, and slightly sun kissed skin. Below are some of the pictures and activities we enjoyed:

We stepped off the airplane into the Honolulu airport which was clearly designed and built in the 1970's, and remarked that it was indeed warmer in Hawaii than Chicago. Having just come from 12 degree weather the evening air of 75 degrees was fully appreciated. We spent the remainder of the evening with family, getting the much needed time to re-connect, catch up and enjoy each others company.

Honolulu Academy of Art. The museum featured the Francisco Goya Disasters of War etchings and several fine examples of Hawaiian art.

Diamond Head Hike, and Whale Watching Tour. We climbed, we awed at the view and then went to watch the whales. Dave and I both really enjoyed the boat trip, taking in the warmth and the sea.

Surfing and the North Shore. Dave went surfing for the first time, and actually stood up on only his second try! Then we drove the scenic route to the North Shore, to eat Shave Ice, see surf pros and do some shopping.

Snorkeling. I almost drowned due to a badly shaped head that the mask will not suction to, but aside from that, it was fantastic. We got to see a lot of fish and sea turtles (both in the water and out).

Sightseeing. We saw more spectacular views than we have anywhere else thus far. Mountains, ocean and beaches. Gorgeous!

Pearl Harbor. Though some of the exhibits were closed, it was still a piece of history worth seeing once in your life.

Polynesian Cultural Center. Flame dancers, palm tree climbing, coconut husking, you name it, the spirit of the islands all wrapped up in one place, and with a show that was breathtaking.

Shopping. Waikiki is Hawaii's answer to Chicago's Magnificent Mile. Shopping, name brands, Starbucks and tourists. It's the same everywhere you go.

Dinner. We ate some good food with good friends/family. It was something I wish we could do more often. (come to Chicago and we will!)

To Laura & Brian: We had the best time, the trip was truly remarkable thanks to you both. Thank you again for your hospitality, generosity and for showing us everything your home has to offer. I especially enjoyed getting to know both of you better and learning about your lives, your history, your beliefs and family. We miss you already!
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