Thursday, February 26, 2009

Update on Dave's whereabouts

Pardon my hiatus, I have been very busy for a long time now. I've had a very demanding semester. Lets address the things listed by Android.
Lets see here..

School and Honor Societies - I have a 3.7 GPA and could have been a part of Alpha Chi's honor society, but unfortunately I am in an associates program, and couldn't participate. Should I decide to continue (which I am unsure of at this point) in the electronics engineering field or tech management field I could join. My motivations of late have been to obtain a few certifications upon graduation starting with Cisco's 640-802 CCNA, and probably the easier Comp TIA A+ Essentials/220-602 to get my foot in the door to the IT industry. This is not set in stone because I will be lucky enough to obtain anything with the number of people being laid off across the country.

Stephanie Miller - She is probably the highlight of my morning on progressive talk radio station AM 820 here in Chicago. Why are the lefties always so much more satirical and hilarious than the right wing nut jobs? Does that question really need to be answered? It's because the lefties are smarter. True Story. Andrea and I usually get a cup of coffee, and flip her show on for the drive down to her (Andreas) work. It has become a morning ritual for us.

Soccer - The Rangers tied Celtic in the last Old Firm Derby on the 15th. It was a boring game, and the light blues and Celtic alike looked to be prancing around like a bunch of girly-wirly's. My light blues are still trailing the savages in the Scottish Premiership.

Great Dane Puppies and their growth - why won't Wellstone's head and size match his height? He is proportioned like a greyhound. Skinny wuttle' guy.

The New York Post cartoon - Tasteless, violent, racist. A blatant presidential death threat thinly veiled as satire. (You can no longer link to it, but if you're to search February 18, 2009, you can find it still posted.)

The Morse Theater - The Morse Theater reopened October 2008 after a six million dollar renovation. It is a historical part of the Rogers Park community, and after some trouble with a silent investor, will be closing... ALREADY. I never even got to make it down there (few blocks) to see the venue and perhaps a show and dinner in the Century Public House. I was really looking forward to spending some time there, and it disappoints me that all attempts to enhance this community and attract new people to this area are foiled before they even leave the ground. There are even historic structures that were taken down that could have easily been refinished and preserved to attract people to the area such as the Adelphi Theater. Hopefully, someday, things will come around and this area will get its long deserved chance to attract new business, productive residents, and perhaps finally, positive people, unlike the majority of the bloggers here in the neighborhood who bitch about affordable housing, while at the same time bitch about the crime. You must choose between one or the other. You can piss and moan about gentrification, or you can welcome the quality of neighbors you're gaining. On the other hand, you can continue your affordable housing arguement and continue to bite your tongue and allow the section 8 relocations, slum lords, and CHA attendants to move into this neighborhood, spray paint gang symbols on everything, and litter your front lawn with Cheeto's bags and gin bottles. I've gotten off subject, but my point is that this is a very very good neighborhood. Close proximity to the lake, the red line, easy driving distance to the burbs, easier parking, artsy and eclectic Glenwood Ave, and so much more.

The View ( just kidding) - Funny Andrea, funny. Sometimes I watch 'The View'... so what? I just like to see Elisabeth Hasselbeck make a fool of herself for thinking and speaking. I feel embarrassed for humanity anytime she says anything.

Sears Tower and $50 million - The New York based owners of the Sears tower want to spend fifty million dollars to paint the building silver. They think it will save on the costs of energy consumption. Really, what? Seriously? I guess I need to see their heating/cooling/electric bills to see if these numbers will effectively be worth the cost of making the biggest light reflecting eye sore created of any major city.

Jaydiohead - A weird concoction of Radiohead mixed with Jay-Z lyrics, that, despite being a complete butchering of Radiohead ideology, goes great with running. Hip-hop.. I hate it, but I can stomach something that keeps my legs moving as long as I can hear familiarity in the background.

Navy Seals training/working out - Why do they combine multiple agonizing exercises into one thing? Seriously, how do they do it? Oh I know... they're freaks.

Lent - Now I do not require paganesque cult-like ceremonial traditions associated with the most brainwashed of Catholics with the ash smearings on the forehead or the meat fasting thing, but I do try and half-assed consider giving something up to remind myself that I do deep down understand that there is someone I must thank for providing me with my life and existence (other than my mother and father obviously). I originally declared that I would not drink soda, but have already failed when J.B Alberto's delivered a free one-liter with pizza last night. So, I will not drink a beer until Easter. True story.


Dave? Are you alive?

Where have you been? This blog has turned into nothing but my own pointless ranting.

Here are some topics I know you have thoughts about ( since we talk about them often)

WRITE SOMETHING... we miss you!


School and Honor Societies
Stephanie Miller
Great Dane Puppies and their growth
The New York Post cartoon
The Morse Theater
The View ( just kidding)
Sears Tower and $50 million
Navy Seals training/working out

Ok that should be enough to get you started.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Ah, Romance, you have eluded me again....

Typically, Dave and I do not get into Valentine's Day, aside from the fact that we also started our relationship very close to it. Basically, we lump our anniversary together with it, go out to dinner and generally have a good time. This year, I made the mistake and wanted a "Romantic Weekend".

Romance has never really agreed with me it appears.

Dave tried, but his effort was thwarted before it ever had a chance.

Our Great Dane, Wellstone , likes to play with his toys. He has a habit (which we are trying to break) of putting said toy on you, then lunging for it before you can grab it. Sometimes, not often, but sometimes, he accidentally nips your hand, or leg or stomach. Friday night, the night before the big romantic weekend was scheduled, Wellstone decided to play with his kong. He threw it onto my lap, and despite his progress in the "grab-back " habit breaking, he lunged at the kong, but instead of his k9 coming down on the specifically designed to be " extra durable" rubber, it landed... well... elsewhere. Somewhere much worse, somewhere painful and equally as embarrassing.

Aside from the screaming in agony, all I could think was, "WHY! WHY in God's name would ANYONE EVER get this PIERCED??!!"

And there I was, with my "broken headlight" if you will, bleeding and swelling and screaming in pain. The course of treatment we chose included ice to stop the bleeding/swelling, antibacterial ointment and a trip to Walgreens for some large bandages. The first portion of the treatment was almost as uncomfortable as the injury itself, but I soldiered on. Until, I became so nauseated that I had to go to bed at 8 pm. The rest of the weekend, I re cooperated. ( mostly).

Dave tried, he brought me flowers, and dinner and watched chick flicks with me all weekend while I recovered from my post on the couch.

Romantic Weekend FAIL.

But, then again, what did I expect? At least Dave has never said, " Valentine's Day is a holiday I choose to ignore" as I've heard so many times in the past.

As it happens, neither one of us really knows what a Romantic Weekend should involve anyway.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th & Facebook

Happy Friday the 13th! Be careful out there, don't walk under any ladders, let a black cat cross your path, or you know, get otherwise killed by Jason.

Today, I wish I was elsewhere. Driving aimlessly through the countryside, watching the sun set over the mountains ( to those of you actually doing this... I hate you!) I think I just feel like I need a break from normal life. Things have been stressful lately and I would just like to get away. My only distraction as of late has been facebook. ( which I realize is sad and pathetic)

But here is the thing about Facebook... I generally get annoyed. While I enjoy reading everyone's chain letters/random personal information notes ( lately: 25 random things, 15 movie quotes, ipod shuffle, albums that changed my life, new names, do you remember high school.... just to name a few) I rarely fill them out for myself. I did the 25 random things, I cant think of only 15 movies to quote, I dont have an ipod, I would probably be ridiculed for my album choices ( bon jovi was inspirational when I was young, and my la bamba cassette changed my life) I have no interest in figuring out what my gangster name is based on my favorite color and street name. And, yes... thanks to Facebook, I remember high school.

I have not spoken or associated with anyone from the first high school I attended(with one notable exception, but technically she and I didnt become friends until AFTER high school) since, well, I left. Yet Facebook has brought these people back to me. And, I can't decide if this is something I wanted, or not. Was I curious about what happened to everyone? Sure. Did I need to befriend my old chemistry lab partner, re-kindle a pseudo relationship with the best friend that stabbed me in the back, accept a friend request from the kid that bullied me for years? Yeah... probably not.

I find myself asking, is it morally right to join a group dedicated to the graduating class of that high school... when I technically didnt graduate from there? Is it necessary to be reminded of my awkward nerdiness?

Basically, Facebook has turned into an everlasting reunion. And, while I can't help but be fascinated, I wonder if my self esteem will suffer? Will I resort back to feeling like a misunderstood teenage girl with braces? I certainly hope not.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

So what else is new?

Ah, the economy. It has finally hit home. While I am doing well personally, and have even gotten a slight raise for the year, it came at a price. Two of my co-workers were laid off. And, while I completely understand the reasoning, I have been sad nonetheless. They were my two best friends, and really all I have here other than D. But we have survived. We have moved on, and decided we can still be friends.

Additionally, I have started this somewhat out of character behavior as of late. I am working out and even purchased an elliptical machine. Also, I have discovered that I enjoy tofu ( when cooked correctly). Both of these go against my overall laziness and meat loving personality.

And, finally, upon the "request"/"suggestion" of our dear friends, we have created two log in names for the blog, so that it becomes easier to tell who is posting. Enjoy!

I hope to have brighter news, and more inspiring things to say soon.
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