Friday, November 9, 2007

See Where You Stand


The Critic said...

As in other tests of this kind,

1.) Dennis
2.) Gravel
3.) Barack

So, the top two are clearly unelectable and number 3 doesn't appear to be able to get the campaign rolling hard and fast enough to overtake the Hillary juggernaut.

That said, why are there TWO questions on immigration when it's clear from poll after poll that voters consistently rank it very very low on their priorities? One question and be done with it.

Finally, the last question, I couldn't give a shit less about any of those previous experiences being somehow "important" to the job of President. The next president could have been a baker or a mechanic previously for all I care, as long as s/he has good ideas and a plan to implement them.

Anonymous said...

1.) Dennis!
2.) Chris "Even I don't even know who I am" Dodd
3.) Bill "two chins" Richardson

It's all good until I start sliding the bars, and get all repubes..

Anonymous said...

-d- You are really smart...I agree

1.) Dennis
2.) Chris Dodd
3.) Bill Richardson


A. said...

Meanwhile, oddly, D. and I got the same results. Apparently we answered all the questions the same with a select few differences.

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