Tuesday, November 6, 2007

And So It Goes... I'm Freezing Already

Having recently moved to "The Real City", a few aspects of life have changed dramatically from what I was used to in Cleveland. For example, I no longer need a car, nor a snow shovel, but I do need a cell phone/blackberry. Apparently, where once I would drive my car into a snow drift, then dig myself out, I will now just call or email someone for help should I be stuck somewhere. Do not get me wrong, I have no complaints about being a person who does things themselves, and having been such a person for all of my life it has been a difficult adjustment to make. However, this easier lifestyle has it's perks. (I can order my grocery's online and they will deliver them. That in itself is enough of a reason to move to "The Real City".)

One thing that has remained a constant, however, is the weather. It is November, and as I have mentioned before, this brings coldness. I have a lovely winter coat that I love, and served me well in Ohio. I never really ventured out in the winter time except to my car, then from the car to the store etc. This coat, is warm enough for that purpose and the occasional trip outside to get the mail. This coat, however, is not warm enough for the 1 mile walk,and the 15 minute El ride, pressed against several other people that I face every morning and evening. Oh, did I mention that this coat is also white? Again, not the best option for my new circumstances.

So, upon learning of this situation with my coat, my wonderful mother offered to purchase me a nice new WARM coat. I was instructed to scour the Internet for my new outer wear. Armed with the knowledge that white is not ideal, and that it will be cold this winter, in addition to the knowledge that I live in "The Real City" and therefore will not be required to shovel snow or be expected to dress as though I live in the tundra, I looked. I found the perfect coat... if I were my mother. I found it and KNEW it was the one she wanted me to have. This was later confirmed when she described the perfect coat for me. I, of course, trying to be fashionable, rejected this idea, and it was decided that I would just have to freeze. Perhaps I was mistaken.


And, nearly 3 days following that conversation, here I am... freezing already.

I guess my easier lifestyle just got a little harder, (well, at least colder).



The Critic said...

Har har har....my granny had a coat just like that....you should accessorize with a nice nylon scarf to keep your hair set just the way the hairdressers did it at the salon. Oh, and I think a white vinyl purse would go fab as well.


A. said...

Thanks, you are always so helpful. Meanwhile, I was right, the coat is horrible.

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