Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wedding Blues

Before we can have the super adorable,quirky, perfect, fun, gorgeous wedding photos like this one that I am in LOVE with I have to do a bunch of stuff, and spend a bunch of money.

I love Dave, and I will love every moment of our marriage. Our wedding, which will be beautiful and fun and quirky and perfect like our pictures, however, is slowly killing me from the inside.

Those cute blue shoes-- LOVE THEM. They cost money. Sigh.

We are trying to have an ultra David & Andrea Chicago wedding. It will be small, but fantastic. The trouble is, fantastic equals expensive. I looked at the budget the other night and went to bed in tears. A fabulous wedding on a shoe string budget AND an envious honeymoon in Italy-- my savings account hates me.

And, I have determined that despite our modest attempts at a wedding, these vendors are just out to get you!

Our budget is no where near the median for a wedding in Chicago ( $35-50 thousand). We just aren't that fancy. My dress didn't cost thousands of dollars, Dave is renting his tuxedo, and our menu options are good, but not steak and lobster. But, we do need chairs. Chairs are expensive. ($10 per chair!) We do need a DJ -- ours is great and reasonably priced, but still (almost $1300). We do need a cake ($250 extra for that 3rd tier!)  We do need rings (mine had to be custom made to fit my engagement ring-- which is costly and wasn't in the plan)

Now, don't get me wrong. My lovely wonderful supportive parents are helping a great deal and we owe them so much for that. Dave's parents are also helping by purchasing our flower arrangements which will be gorgeous-- but the part that's left over-- the part our poor little savings account has to cover--- is freaking me out!

And-- I have to do a bunch of stuff. I have to organize everything, make everything, label everything, order everything, try on things, choose things, and determine colors, print the invitations, send the invitations, write vows, learn to dance-- and so on-- it's enough to make you crazy!


Andrea said...

Thanks to a dear friend, who sent me this: http://apracticalwedding.com/tag/favorite-posts/

I feel better. Well, less alone and insane-- which is on the way to better.


Anonymous said...

Ewah---relax- it will be fine, everything works out in the end. Remember--it's the marriage, not the wedding,that's most important.
Love you.

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