Monday, March 9, 2009

Sushi, Slumdog (part II) & Sin City

Sin City:
I went to Vegas, for the first time last week. I had to attend a conference for work, which I have attended two years in a row now. I may be the outcast, but I genuinely enjoy conferences. Great hotels, travel, food and meeting many people. I have a great time, I enjoy the part of my job that means setting up and manning a trade show booth, meeting and greeting prospective clients, chatting and generally having a great time while being professional. We had casino night, where I honed my roulette skills (having learned in Atlantic City this past January). I even won a blackjack game in a raffle (which Dave hasn't put down since I brought it home). The second night, I snuck out.. I mean, I had to, right? I had never been there before and NEEDED to see the Bellagio fountain. ( AT LEAST)

I forgot my camera however. So, I did the most logical thing, and purchased one of those fun saver cameras from the hotel gift shop ( $15!! can you believe that!?) and headed to the fountain. I enjoyed the show tremendously, and could have stood there all night, but being on a limited ( and lest we forget, work) time schedule I used the rest of my time to wander the Bellagio, a little of Caesers Palace, and Paris. And, boy did I make the most of my fun saver camera.

Apparently whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, and if using an overpriced plastic camera from a casino/hotel gift shop... even your pictures will not make it home with you. NONE of my pictures came out. NONE. But at least I have the memory. I want Dave and I to go there sometime soon for a couple of days and really get to experience the city. It looks like a lot of fun.

( I did end up winning about $100 at a roulette table in the end, which isn't too bad!)

While at the conference, I had some great sushi and my colleague taught me how to (finally) use chopsticks correctly. Once I made it home, with my new found love of chopstick eating, I decided to introduce Dave to sushi. I'm pretty sure he was convinced that he would hate it. But, we found a cute little place near us, called Tank Sushi. We had amazing chopstick appetisers, and we tried one of my standby favorites and Dave chose a new one ( Latin Heat) which was GREAT! All in all, great picks and great dinner. This sushi place comes in a close second to the number one on my list, and also my #1 pick for best calamari appetiser Sushi Rock in Cleveland. DELISH!

Slumdog (part II):
After dinner, we headed to see Slumdog, since Dave had yet to see it. You'll have to ask him for his review! I was once again impressed with the music and cinematography.


The Critic said...

There is no roulette skill. There is roulette luck.

Andrea said...

That's precisely why I enjoy it. There is no system, logic, method, psychology or thought involved. I just guess. I'm good at just guessing. haha.

flaky genius said...

Thanks for the Cleveland shout out. It's tough living here and constantly being told it sucks. Even though it doesn't, you start to believe it and then think you have to move to have a better life. But we have Sushi Rock and a world-class symphony (which I've never actually seen) and soon-to-be the best art museum in the U.S. outside of NY and damn fine Italian food and world-class health care and the Indians and a cool Metropark system and Spudnuts Donuts and the best library system in the U.S., so take that, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, and Seattle. You cities think you're so hip ...

A. said...

The next time you're in Ohio we'll take you guys to a place in Columbus that's got the best menu in the city. Can't be beat!
Liam O'Leary

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