Monday, February 11, 2008


This past weekend, I was cursed with repeating references to John Dillinger. I watched a movie, and he was mentioned. I had a conversation with someone and he appeared, I read a story and his name was present. It kept happening so much that I, in fact, began to create my own obscure references to the famously named bank robber.

First, I read something. I dont know what it was, as I have very poor memory for certain things. Anyway, I read something on Friday that mentioned John Dillinger in reference to bank robbers of the 30s. I briefly stumbled upon my fleeting memory of something to do with his autopsy photo being famous, though I couldn't recall all the details.

I watched a cartoon, Futurama I believe,and he is mentioned again. Then, I watched The Recruit and Colin Farrell's character mentions going to see Dillinger in the Smithsonian. ( again, referencing the photo). I watched Joe Dirt, and when Christopher Walken's character is supposedly dead, there is an obscure reference to Dilinger's legend .. though, I am not sure I would notice this if I wasn't already having a super Dillinger weekend.

Finally, I looked him up to learn more than my vague memory would allow and explained my obsession to Mr. Pessimistic.

Also, keep in mind that in the tribute section of wikipedia, several things I have come into contact with, and rather enjoy, are listed: Kurt Vonnegut, Humphery Bogart, Reservoir Dogs, William S. Burroughs, High Fidelity, and of course, Chicago.

Hopefully this particular reference has been played out over the course of my weekend. Weird though, right?


Anonymous said...

You do realize that Johnny Depp is soon to begin filming a movie in which he plays Dillinger.

A & D said...

Yes, Mom, I am aware.

The Critic said...

If Mr. Pessimistic has a copy of At Terror Street and Agony Way,
Burning in Water Drowning in Flame or
Run With the Hunted by the late great Charles Bukowski, you could find a few more poems about Dillinger.

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