Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Great Apple vs. PC Debate

This, and all the similar commercials have started causing great debates in our household. A few months ago, prior to Mr. Pessimistics new found knowledge of PCs he was convinced we should switch everything over to Apple. We priced Mac Books for me, IMacs for him, and the Ipod, IPhone and so forth. We were going to take the plunge, rid ourselves of the hard to use PC, and upgrade to the wonderfully easy Apple.

But then, suddenly, Mr. Pessimistic changed his mind, claiming Apple is stupid because Macs and such cannot be upgraded, where as PCs can. There really should be no argument, since honestly, I don't care either way, a computer is a computer. The annoying part, however, is that Mr. Pessimistic gets so upset about these commercials, and then launches into a rant about the superiority of the PC and, well, I cant help but mention the fact that a few months ago this was not the case.


First off, in my defense, let me state that our debates on this matter are in good fun. My beef with Apple is they claim to be something they're not. It's all an advertising thing. The whole problem is the 'Mac vs. PC' idea. It's dumb. The Mac has a central processing unit, I/O devices and utilizes an operating system (it can run Vista even). If I asked you what kind of thing posseses these components, you would say "a computer". My point is that Mac is a PC, so why claim to be something else? If I had an Xbox rigged with a connection, a browser, and a Linux OS, I wouldn't claim that it wasn't a computer. Page 78 of Decembers issue of PCWorld was the theme behind Apples latest commercial. The Apple Macbook Pro came in first place for 17 inch notebooks. I'm going to compare it to a woman winning the mens PGA, and claiming that shes different because shes a woman. She may have different components, but she's still a golfer. So what?

What Apple fails to mention in their commercial is that in the same issue of PCWorld they were called-out for releasing 4GB iPhones for $500 and in less than two months later discontinuing the model, and offering a larger 8GB iPhone for $400. They didn't even offer a reimbursement/rebate, coupon, gift card or anything for those people who basically got ripped off. This is from an article in the Consumer Watch section on page 53. *Same Issue*

I will not dispute that Apple makes awesome graphical user interface peripheral devices, but when it comes to computers... ooops, I'm sorry, a Mac... they are just as normal as all other computers (I mean Mac again) It's all about what you intend to do with your computer (Mac?). If you want to game, use a pc, if you want to edit photos and videos, the Mac dominates. Now when a pc starts to get old, one can upgrade with a new video card, sound card, and boost memory which IS the beauty of standard pc's. Apple seems to make fun of this. They just assume that a Mac owner will what? . . throw out their Mac and buy a new one when it starts to get old? Are we to assume that a Mac made in nineteen ninety-seven is up to par with a pc made for 2008? Hmmm. That doesn't seem to make logical sense to me. I know I couldn't afford to buy a brand new computer every four years. It's much easier and cheaper to upgrade. Now if Apple is claiming that they don't need to be upgraded, they are full of crap. Electronics of all varieties are obsolete a month after they are sold. I don't know if Apple tries to make their customers think that some software updates are going to magically heal their dying and aging hardware devices and components within their pc's (uhmm, Mac?) It doesn't work that way. Things start to go bad within electronics, and Apple isn't using some mysterious unknown electrical components within their products. People who buy pc's have an ability to learn from them. The school I attend is technology based, and I am in a program that deals with electronics and computers. I see many people building computers, but I see none building with Apple components. It's not because they're dumb, it is because they want an interchangle, moldable system. It's like a car enthusiast who works on his own V8 musclecar as opposed to some kid who puts some rims and a spoiler on his parents Honda Civic. Whos the real enthusiast of the two?

Ughhkkk, A., why do you have to do this to me.


See what I mean? Debate. Lengthy ranting. Every time.


Oh god, don't get A. started on Dells tech support. She spent a fair amount of time on the phone with those folks.



The Keirnel said...

Whatevah, Macs rule and you know it! One thing to point out, Apple takes care of it's products and it's customers. Sure, the iPhone was a bit of a debacle, but really, who buys brand new technology without any proven history for $500-$600? That's right, rich people, and who cares if a rich person has to turn around and buy another iPhone a few months later? I don't. If you bought the iPhone when it first came out and spent every last dime purchasing it, are an idiot. Consequently, from my own experience, getting help fixing a pc is much more stressful and time consuming than getting help fixing a Mac. (Brian once spent 12 straight hours on the phone with Dell only to turn around the next day and spend another 6 and then to be told that he had to remove hardware on his own and send it out to get it returned several weeks later and possibly charged if it was found that it was not hardware related. That's stupid and a waste of time and energy.) The geniuses at Apple ,, however, thought, "Hey, let's put geniuses in all of our stores to help out with any computer issues. They can be a fingertip away." Now, that's smart; smart business from a smart company. Sure, Mac feeds on it's well-thought-out hip campaigns. This is merely a sign, yet again, of the intelligence behind the company. The difference here is that they have quality and tech support to back up all the talk, not to mention really awesome graphics capabilities, and let's face it, if you want to design (this world is all about creating), the you must have a Mac.

The Critic said...

awesome debate and excellent points made by both dave and the keirnel.

when our desktop started to get a hinkety, the wife said, "let's run out and buy a 1500 dollar mac and replace it."

i said, "hmmm...let me think about it. um, no." then i went and bought a new hard drive and an additional memory stick, put them in myself, and now are computer is sweet rocking.

total cost = $75. i saved $1425 right there.

now granted, i had to work my ass off to find all the right parts and directions, but then i don't mind that so much.

i would mind spending hours on the phone with tech support, tho.

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