Saturday, September 8, 2007

Suicide, Skybox, and Sweet & Sour Chicken

So here goes...
I recently read A Long Way Down by Nick Hornby. It was good, as is expected of the author who has written two of my other favorites. High Fidelity and About A Boy are also among my favorite films. Kudos to Hornby for providing an alternative outlook on suicidal tendencies, in A Long Way Down, however, I do not recommend this one if you are actually suicidal. Trust me, wait until you are in a more life-loving frame of mind.
Pictured above is the album cover for Skybox. Mr. Pessimistic and I saw them shortly after moving here and have become enamored with their unique sound. I have never been a music elitist or snob, or even have claimed to know all that much about what is "good", however, I know what I like, and I have a knack for figuring out what and who is going to make it big. If you knew me when we all worked at WMCO, I'm sure you remember me choosing songs that caught on, and then forcing you to play them on your shows as much as possible. ( P.S. if you knew me from those days, where are you? you should email me or something... its been a while)Anyway, I digress, Skybox, check them out here: , and while you are already on myspace, find us and leave us some love. We both love the last song on their page, The Lass the Bitch. Actually, it gets stuck in my head, and upon my brief trip to Cali, I was singing it and even my MOM liked this one, so... it HAS to be good, that woman has impeccable taste in music. Coming Soon to Vox Pop, Our Mom's favorites, a tribute compliation list. Look for it soon!
And now, oh my brothers and only friends, I must go, and await my Chinese food. MMMMM.

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