Saturday, September 8, 2007

After my five year hiatus from school, I returned this last week, and found myself struggling to read the chalk/dry erase board. Soooo today I went to Sears optical to get an eye exam. The thing that blows the air in your eye was a lot less of a bother than being fully able to completely see correctly for a few moments. I don't think A. has ever seen me with glasses. Its gonna' be bitchin' and I can't wait to see again.


flakygenius said...

I heard your new glasses make you look like a nerd. Only joking. I heard they look just like your old glasses, which come to think of it ... I find it unfair that glasses became cool for your generation. Damn Weezer. Do you understand the taunts I endured?

The Critic said... four-eyed GEEK! nerd! dweeb! dork! poindexter!

Erin said...

I had the same problem during my first auditorium lecture class in years. I needed binoculars to see the chalkboard, but my new glasses seem to be doing the trick.


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