Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Hometown pride, family, friends, corn hole and strip malls.

For the Labor Day weekend we decided to make an all encompassing trip to our old stomping grounds. First, we visited my family in Zanesville. My small hometown in South Eastern Ohio is full of strip malls, and plenty of open space to drive around in. I spent the day with my sister and together we re-discovered the "joy" of being in the Colony Square Mall. But it was a good time to spend a day with my little sister.

Afterwards, Dave and I attended a wedding in Hocking Hills, which I have to admit is breathtakingly beautiful. For a girl who loves the city, I was surprised by how relaxing the openness was. However, Dave and I both decided we could never live quite that far out in the middle of nowhere. As it turns out, we both enjoy contact with other people and being able to order takeout. The wedding was beautiful and we all quite enjoyed it. Congrats Amanda and Ryan!

After the wedding, we drove to see Dave's family and had a great weekend full of flea markets, chicken dinners, and corn hole. It was great to see everyone and I know Dave was happy to get the chance to hang out with his family.

But, it's good to be back. Our drive back to Chicago was good, and as soon as we saw that McDonald's at the Sky way Bridge, we knew we were home. And, isn't it always good to be home?!

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