Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I found this picture in a Saturday evening post, and it reminded me of a few people I knew. Its nothing special.. just pencil and paper.. She came out chubbier than I had expected. I guess I didn't shade it properly, and made her face to round, and mouth to small.. what can yah' do though.. I started it two years ago, then Andrea bought some oil pastels, and while she worked on her peice, I pulled this sketch pad out of the sea chest, and finished it.
What he didn't say: The Deeper part of the Story.
We took a brief trip to the Museum of Contemporary Art here in Chicago, and while generally appalled or annoyed by the "deep" yet meaningless images on display, we must have been somewhat inspired. Afterall, if some girl can spray paint a few words of disgust for the American Public on paper and have it hung up in a real live museum, surely two yokels from Ohio can make something worthwhile.
Once I finally got my pastels, I needed paper and was promised a scrap or two from the sketch pad he had hidden away in the chest. The sketch pad with only the first page drawn on, and even that picture was unfinished.
The first time I saw her, there was a little slip of a cut out magazine inside the pad and a half finished drawing of her. Written on the back of this drawing was some obscure journal entry mentioning a fight with an ex-girl, and a explanation that the picture does not resemble her, but rather some other wandering feminate from MN. Apparently, I shall never know the whole story of this mystery woman whom the love of my life previously pined for, and perhaps still does. This aside, I could tell from the partial drawing that it was sure to be a brilliant work of art, so I convinced him to finish it.
Mr. Pessimistic simply states this work is nothing but pencil and paper, but we both know it's so much more. Great isn't it? I know!

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