Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Artwork II

Lately, I'm having a bit of a guitar shapes phase.


It's really just a hint that she wants me to buy her a little blue guitar. I haven't forgotten that her birthday is later this month. I'm broke, and right now my looks just aren't good enough to go out and score one for her though. This is her third project involving colored acoustic guitars. Hopefully, should she choose to do another one, she could refrain from using our brand new white couch as her easel. I'm convinced that the 'oil' part of oil pastels will not wash out of the covers.


I have been dreaming of these colors lately, and while my counterpart is convinced that I am secretly asking for a blue guitar, that wasn't the whole truth. Yes, I would like a malenky blue guitar, but I wouldn't be able to play it anyway.

I'll try to refrain from the use of the couch, but there just isn't anywhere else to sit! Thanks for mentioning all the negatives of our art inspired week sweetheart! you know I love ya! What is an artist without a critic?


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