Saturday, August 25, 2007

The apocalypse (sort of)

Thursday, shortly after the girl left for a meeting with her event selling comrades of a now dying corporation, I laid my unmotivated, unemployed head down and took in the eerily fast changing weather from the comfort of our newish white couch. From bright and sunny, to pitch black in about ten minutes, it sounded like one of the commuter trains rerouted itself through our living room. On the highest floor of our building, I ran to the back door and flung the door open to see what kind of things were making all the noises I was hearing. In the alley, metal things from rooftops and tree limbs were spiraling upwards and over other buildings. At first I thought it was some sort of Chicago phenomena I was unfamiliar with. The power then went out, and I new that things were out of the norm. I didn't know what to do, so I came back in and paced around thinking. I went back out onto the back stair case, and the rain was unlike anything I'd have ever seen. It wasn't like normal rain. It wasn't big or anything. I can only relate it to being turbo freezing cold, and misty'ish. It wasn't small mist though, it was bigger. Too weird. Stuff was still flying turbo, mega, bitchin' fast, tornado like. I went back in to panic, contemplate, etc. After nearly pooping my pants, everything died down, and after fifteen minutes of rain, I went outside, and whole trees were blown over, lines were down, cars were smashed. Flash flooding was spilling into our basement. Pieces of housing, vents, chimney covers, and whatever else laid in heaps everywhere. So I called Andrea, knowing that she was probably in the middle of something important. I could tell that she thought that I was exaggerating everything that happened. I sort of have a tendency to do that. No one wants to hear about your boring life if you don't involve an alien, or a ghost, or a homeless orphan who's good with throwing knives, am I right? Anyways, she was in for a treat when she made it home. The news went on to say that the swath of damage was uniform across the whole west through northern areas of Chicago. Which is apparently very strange weather, and unexplainable. I guess hurricane-like more than tornado'ish. I thought it was just our street that was hit with what I thought was a tornado.. not the case.


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