Monday, December 12, 2011

Hearts for the Holidays

As the Holiday season approaches (rapidly), all of us are of course feeling the season's giving  spirit, and the heartwarming feeling towards our families and strangers alike. This early December, usually filled with Christmas shopping and planning trips home to spend time with family, has been a bit rougher than usual. I have spent the better half of the last week with my family due to the recent heart attack my father suffered last weekend. He is doing better and is home, undergoing therapy and taking medication. Hopefully, with luck and time he will make a full recovery. I have a full heart this year as we approach the holidays, as I have realized, due to this event, that my parents are no longer the young 30-somethings they were when I was a child. My heart is with them both, and every member of our families this year. May each of us live to our fullest, never take life for granted and be glad each day that we have each other, and we love each other.

This past week has been trying, my final papers for the quarter I am sure have suffered greatly. But, Dad has made a lot of progress. In two weeks when we see him again for Christmas, it is sure to be a much more pleasant and wonderful visit.  Besides, who can resist 3 great danes? (Our two plus my mom's). Should be a good time.

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