Thursday, January 22, 2009

Garfield's Favorite...Changed?

We love Lasagna. To be honest, we love most pasta, and most food, but this particular debate centers entirely around Garfield's favorite meal.

Classic Lasagna is made in layers, and creates a huge pan full of food for two people. While this seems like a great idea since it will feed two numerous times, and can be frozen, it still leaves the problem of feeling like you must eat it in a relatively short time span ( so it doesn't spoil) which essentially leaves you eating it every day for a week. D. will tell you this a wonderful thing about lasagna. I will tell you that even though I love it, I don't want to eat it every day!

D. is also hard core, original recipe. Basically, he freaks out any time I try something new. Granted, I have made a few mistakes ( mint lemonade) and have skimped where I shouldn't have ( spinach lasagna without enough sauce) but usually I come up with some pretty good stuff (taco bake, short bread cookies, enchiladas, guacamole etc.) *Note: D. LOVES mexican food, therefore most of my creations are mexican inspired*

Our mutual love of original lasagna is not to be understated. In fact, D. made me one of the best birthday meals of my adult life last year when he crafted what ended up being the best lasagna I've ever had ( sorry Mom). I realize that changing that faithful recipe is a difficult thing to consider... however...

This brings us to the new lasagna recipe I have discovered. Everything remains the same ingredient wise, the only difference is, instead of layering the noodles, you roll them up. Thus giving you the advantage to make as little or as much as you want.

D. is appalled. I am excited. Most people tell me it seems like something will be missing. But, I intend to TRY.
Tonight, I will make the questionable lasagna, and the debate will be settled.

The picture to the right is of the new recipe.
Nothing looks missing or wrong to me, in fact it looks delicious. But would Garfield disagree? Would he turn up his nose in disgust, or would it all be the same, just with a twist?
I guess we will find out tonight.


A + D said...

If you mess this up, and I am completely serious, you lose all lasagna baking rights forever.
What next, Chinese pizza, fettuccine enchiladas? Are you the Andy Warhol of food preparation? Leave abstract food craft to fast food companies such as McDonald's. Example, the McGriddle.
We shall see what happens.
Love you

A + D said...

I shouldn't have doubted your lasagna making abilities. The rolled lasagna worked well, and tasted delicious. I applaud your creativity and ingenuity.
Love you

The Critic said...

You know, you two should really get separate log in accounts to make it easier to determine who the heck is speaking. Otherwise, this thing is just schizophrenic as all hell.

You guys can both have administrator rights too.

flaky genius said...

I wonder why lasagna didn't spur the same kind of debate as Twilight did. I am serious about my food. Though I have to admit, the lasagna I grew up on, featuring beef, is NOT the lasagna I make, featuring peppers and onions. I actually prefer the vegetarian kind now. I could even go for a good spinach lasagna with a little sauce and a lot of ricotta. Yum.

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