Friday, November 21, 2008

Week Night Television

As it happens, television takes up a fair portion of my evenings. I enjoy television, though, I believe moderation is a good thing. Once you watch too much, you feel nothing more than stupid, poor, unattractive and hungry. That aside, I have some thoughts on the television I do watch:

Monday Night:
Prison Break (Fox): My fascination with this show began at the shows inception. How could there be a show based around breaking out of prison, with a 2 hour premier that continues for more than a season, or even the 2 hours? I kept asking myself. So I watched it, and was hooked. Intrigued by the visionary character Michael Scofield, played by Wentworth Miller. THIS was all I needed to keep me watching..
*I don't like him.. he's too pretty.. he's like the Barilla pasta commercial guy.. he needs to be beaten for being to attractive (not really, I'm just disgusted).. Wentworth Miller always has his eyes squinted like the sun is bothering them, even when the sun isn't shining.. it's his serious face.*

He was a genius, who figured out how to break his brother out of prison using intricate tattoos on his body. As it happens, I was right. Prision Break jumped the shark in season 2. But I keep watching it, trying to regain understanding. To be perfectly honest, I have no idea what is going on any longer. And, even though the classic Scofield stare is still prominent, it just isn't doing it for me any more.

Boston Legal (ABC): Originally a favorite due to the spin off nature from The Practice (another old fav). I veered away from this one until again recently. With the cast now containing, in addition to James Spader, a lively mad-cow driven William Shatner, a brilliant Candace Bergan, and an uptight John Laroquette it's a must watch. The show focuses on current events ( using the election recently as a topic of focus) as well as major economic, moral and religious issues. A great conversation show. Witty and funny!
* I can't believe they're going to cancel this show. The humor is awesome, and well thought out.. I'm disappointed that this is it for the series* -D.

Tuesday Night:

House ( Fox): I still love it. Dr. Gregory House, played by Hugh Laurie is hilarious, mean and spiteful. Fantastic medical cases and interesting plot lines, though lately I am a little annoyed with some of the characters.

Fringe (Fox): New to the lineup this season. The new x files. The episode with the man who aged too quickly without the help of a removed pituitary gland definitely put this one on the map. My only critique, the episodes don't have enough continuity. Plots and character development are not carried over from week to week, though sometimes hinted at. I will continue to watch, in hopes on only improving.
* Yes, I agree.. completely. I don't understand how some episodes don't resolve, or continue.. for example: some egg shaped thing appears from the center of the earth and makes a weird frequency noise, and some strange folks show up to either a.) find it, and kill everyone in the way b.) protect it from previously stated alien/man/cyborg/thing.. then the egg goes back down into the earth, and the strange men disappear. Nothing is resolved. At the end, you just say to yourself "whaaaa.. did I just lose an hour of my life for that?" Is a story with no real conclusion supposed to be intriguing somehow? -D.

Wednesday Night:
Bones (Fox): I recently started watching this, having seen it here and there previously. It's interesting from a character development standpoint. We learn more about the show's primary characters each week, as well as glimpse into the lives and relationships of the secondary cast. The new CSI. Crime, humor, and intellectual wit.
*I like Bones.. I like their relationship and how they interact. I don't feel pathetic watching it like all the other shows on other days of the week. I guess it's because it is more crime solving/mystery/action storyline than a night time soap opera where everyone is sleeping with each other* -D.

Private Practice (ABC): A spin off of Grey's Anatomy starring Kate Walsh as Addison Montgomery ( Shepard) . This show is exactly what you would expect of a Grey's Anatomy spin off. Doctors sleeping with each other and talking about it. The only thing that stands out, and the reason I feel compelled to keep watching, is the subject matter each week. Every week the writers manage to sneak in some horribly disgusting topic that leaves me with office poll material for the rest of the week. ( see poll too side for one such example)
*yes.. essentially Grey's Anatomy with the only attractive member of the show withdrawn to have her own show* -D.

Dirty Sexy Money (ABC): Even D. loves this one. Following the life and times of the richest family in New York and their family lawyer. It's entertaining to say the least. This show is our guilty pleasure. We can't help but be caught up in what new scheme Jeremy is concocting, or who Karen is marrying next. It's a prime time soap opera, but with better writing and a bigger budget. We just can't help ourselves.
*Dirty Sexy Money is awesome! I can't believe that Lisa is going to sleep with Jeremy.. and where did this stupid girl that got hit on the bike come from.. is that the best way they could think of to introduce her character? Geez.. I could have written that script.. in all seriousness though.. Lisa George (Zoe McLellan) is turbo hot.. not as much as my nugget gelfling though.*
- D.*

Thursday Night:
Ugly Betty (ABC): I only started watching this because it's on before Grey's Anantomy, to which I am addicted ( see below). It's just a habit I can't seem to break. It's one of those shows that it doesn't really matter if you miss some, or even a whole episode. I cook dinner, eat and play with the dog while this plays in the background.

Grey's Anatomy (ABC): I'm addicted. It's not good anymore and I have issues with some of the characters. Izzy Stevens, played by Katherine Heigl, is my current dilema. She has always been a little crazy, but the writer's gave us all a romantic heart with the storyline involving her and her love Denny. Originally, this storyline alone made me actually feel something and I loved watching her torment as she loved him, basically killed him, and he never saw her in the dress... how sad! Tears came to the eyes of millions of viewers. But now, Denny has returned as a ghost. Really? I'm torn, I loved the storyline originally, but now, it's just too much.
* This show is beyond too much, this is like you reminding me of 'the Fonz' jumping the shark anecdote.. this is more like Screech's robot, or Steve Urkel's other persona, Stephan.. it's like they have no direction for her role/character anymore, so they rehash this Denny story again because they don't know what to do with her. Grey's Anatomy has turned into 'Friends'. They've all slept with each other, and it's ridiculous and has no relevant real life scenario, other than the hospital patients actually dying.* -D.

Friday Night:

There is really nothing on, so we channel surf and eventually land on Ghost Whisperer, or something on HGTV. But who cares, right? It's Friday night!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Christmas Wish List

Every year I send my family a list of books I would like. Every year, I get some of the books for Christmas, this is a good system. This year we would like the following.


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What Have We Done Lately?

I have not written much lately, which is largely in part due to writers block. I have kept a journal since I was a kid, and I have always written short stories. Over the past 6 months, I have abandoned my journal, and over the past 3, I have been unable to write a decent short story (not for lack of trying). My characters were dull, and lifeless. My plots were boring and ordinary. My words, lacking any luster. So, I have given up. For now. I am focusing on reading more (please visit the link to the right "A. Books" and sign up to be my friend on I would also like to improve/update my vocabulary, so if you know me and want to buy me some vocabulary/literature related Christmas gifts, they would be welcomed (hint, hint). D. and I have purchased Scrabble, and have been playing a lot lately, though who ever gets the only "Z" and/or "Q" wins without much competition.

I haven't added much on here, since I have begun to feel like my thoughts/opinions are unwanted, or taken too seriously. I realize I am an opinionated person, and I speak my mind. I realize as a result that others disagree. I encourage spirited debate as I think it enables everyone to listen to each other and grow. I am not, ever, personally attacking anyone with my comments, and hope that in the future, as I continue to post my thoughts that we can remain civil. D. and I sometimes disagree, but I feel this makes our relationship interesting and stronger. We are able to listen to each other, yet still have our own sense of individuality. I believe some of the best couples I know (you know who you are) are great together BECAUSE they disagree, and because they often engage in debate, learning from each other. It would be awfully boring to be with someone who just agreed with you all the time. *ick*

Lately, I have also been busy. My company celebrated our 5th Anniversary last week. We are still growing and still going strong, even in today's market, when other Investment Banking firms are suffering. I did not know how much I could enjoy working in a business related field until now. I love it, and am very happy. I plan on going to grad school in the next year or so (once D. finishes) to get my MBA in operations/marketing.

I will try to contribute more soon.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Wellstones 1st Birthday

Let the celebration begin.
*I don't know why he decided to sit so funny for his birthday photo*

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Another Thing...

If the Chicago Fire (13W-10L-7T) beat the Columbus Crew (17W-7L-6T) Thursday, it will only be because they have former Columbus Crew superstar Brian McBride (ok, so McBride spent four and a half years playing in the premiership with Fulham, and dedicating himself to the national team for the U.S. but anyways, he left as a Crewman), and former Columbus Crew goal keeping ninja, Jon Busch (Sigi Schmid drama aside). Chicago, Chicago, you toddlin' town, I love you, but I can't deny my roots on this one.. GO CREW!
*Update: Crew 2 - Fire 1... Crew are the Eastern Conference Champions and are going to the MLS Cup.*

Wicked Long Line

I've just returned from my journey downtown to Gregory Maguire's book signing. Gregory Maguire is best known for his masterpiece 'Wicked' which later went on to be developed into a Broadway musical. He also wrote 'Mirror Mirror', 'Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister', a pseudo sequel to 'Wicked' called 'Son of a Witch', and my personal favorite, 'Lost'. I believe this book signing is a followup tour to the release of his latest addition to the 'Wicked' series, 'A Lion Among Men'. I managed to walk in right on time to the sound of applause on the third floor (sometimes the red lines delays pay off I suppose) and proceeded up the escalators where I would be thrown out of the half-assed, nonexistent, nomadic, order-seeking line and redistributed to the very back by employees who were now forming a route through various aisles of the store. Almost completely in the back, I patiently, and mindlessly waited zoning out to instrumental indie rock for about an hour sweating like a troll cloaked in burlap with my wool coat and hooded sweatshirt. I finally got to meet Mr. Maguire, and after a brief but cordial conversation, I tried to get a photo. Despite A.'s suggestions to not ask for shot with the master wordsmith, I attempted to anyways. Unfortunately, the batteries decided to die mid pose, thus making the situation just as uncomfortable and creepy as I had been forewarned about. He told me that he has that effect on batteries, and ferns. Well.. perhaps I will listen to A. in the future. For fair reviews of 'Wicked', and 'Son of a Witch', check this site out.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Disappointing, I know..

I can't believe or imagine (from rumor and speculation) that President-elect Obama would consider picking this tool bag to be part of his cabinet.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween 2008

Oh my brothers and only friends.... Happy Halloween.

This year we decided to dress up and go out about town. D. headed to the party and the bar scene as the icon Alex from A Clockwork Orange, one of our favorite book/film adaptations. ( One of the few adaptations we consider worthwhile)

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