Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Wicked Long Line

I've just returned from my journey downtown to Gregory Maguire's book signing. Gregory Maguire is best known for his masterpiece 'Wicked' which later went on to be developed into a Broadway musical. He also wrote 'Mirror Mirror', 'Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister', a pseudo sequel to 'Wicked' called 'Son of a Witch', and my personal favorite, 'Lost'. I believe this book signing is a followup tour to the release of his latest addition to the 'Wicked' series, 'A Lion Among Men'. I managed to walk in right on time to the sound of applause on the third floor (sometimes the red lines delays pay off I suppose) and proceeded up the escalators where I would be thrown out of the half-assed, nonexistent, nomadic, order-seeking line and redistributed to the very back by employees who were now forming a route through various aisles of the store. Almost completely in the back, I patiently, and mindlessly waited zoning out to instrumental indie rock for about an hour sweating like a troll cloaked in burlap with my wool coat and hooded sweatshirt. I finally got to meet Mr. Maguire, and after a brief but cordial conversation, I tried to get a photo. Despite A.'s suggestions to not ask for shot with the master wordsmith, I attempted to anyways. Unfortunately, the batteries decided to die mid pose, thus making the situation just as uncomfortable and creepy as I had been forewarned about. He told me that he has that effect on batteries, and ferns. Well.. perhaps I will listen to A. in the future. For fair reviews of 'Wicked', and 'Son of a Witch', check this site out.

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