Monday, October 13, 2008

Sinken, party of two..

A couple of evenings ago (Saturday) A. treated me to dinner at the House of Blues downtown. I got to see Mason Jennings for the fourth time, after eating the best meal I've ever had in my entire life. Seriously. I have to thank A.'s boss Thomas Blaige for rewarding her for her hard work and effort through her first full year with the company. He managed to pull some strings and get our dinner and show upgraded. We ate in what is called the 'Foundation Room'. It had some very chill decor that would truly please Mason Jennings himself. There was a little mix up with our tickets and dinner package when we first arrived, but it became clear that everything was ok once they had realized that they had misspelled A.'s last name, Sinken. The Foundation Room had a Buddha-esque theme with incense, statues/busts, with dim candle-lit, lounge areas. I've never eaten at a restaurant where the portions come out in courses. Multiple eating utensils are foreign to me as well. The assistant server even came out and used some magic rolling thing to clean the crumbs off the table. What?! Unreal. For my first course, I had prawns, and they were amazing. I was kind of curious about them because I had never had them before. My second course was a vinagrette salad that had lettuce that was so soft, it could melt in your mouth (A. can confirm this). It was crazy good. For my main course I had the Alaskan salmon, and A. had the halibut. Once again, best salmon I've ever had. For dessert, we split a richly flavored caramel-chocolate something or the other. After dinner, we took the elevator down, and security took us to our seats right as Mason Jennings came on stage. Some folks were on our stools, and they were beheaded and thrown into a furnace. On our seats were two 'Reserved for Sinken' labels. Mason played a majority of his new songs from his new album 'In the Ever', and a few popular ones from his previous albums. It was a really good show and a great dinner, and I don't know if I'll ever have another to top it. It was really fun to live that high class for an evening.


The Critic said...

You should have got the gold, fucker.

flaky genius said...

You know, if you just hurry up and marry A, there wouldn't be all this trouble with last names. She doesn't like the original, and "Sinkin" isn't much better.

Of course, this is coming from a hyphenated woman, so I'm not assuming that A. wants your last name, just as I'm not assuming you all have to get married any time soon. I should probably just delete this comment now, but I won't because I haven't talked to either of you in so long, I will leave it here as contact--shoddy contact, but contact nonetheless.

Miss you and no pressure on the marriage thing.

Crap. Brought it up again.

I hate you for seeing Mason Jennings four times and me none.

flaky genius said...

Having looked at the Foundation Room, I have decided to marry A. if this is one of the perks. That room is incredible. Can J and I afford to eat there (or even get in) next time we're in town?

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