Friday, October 26, 2007


Where have I been? Busy! I started my new ( awesome) job and have been immersed with the new feelings of being in the city everyday and being around intelligent professional people, and also, let's not forget, learning the ropes at my new place of employment.

I am quite happy to work downtown, to have an office with a nice view of the lake, and it helps that I really enjoy the job. It is all perfect. I have everything I have wanted for a long time. I live in the city of my dreams, I have the professional life I have been searching for and I'm so in love with Mr. Pessimistic. Life couldn't be better... except... it's October.

Which means, November, December,January and February are just around the corner. I hate the winter and I hate snow. But I refuse to give up the Midwest for sunnier places because I feel experiencing all the seasons is important. Is it?

It's getting colder, and I'm turning more and more sad. Snow will be falling soon, and the impending doom of muddy shoes and cold nights is upon us. This is the only explanation I can come up with as to why I have been so down lately, when everything in my life has been so up. I can't wait for Spring, already, and winter hasn't even really started yet.

See you in Spring!

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The Critic said...

But wouldn't the fun of whomping Mr. Pessimistic with a snowball make up for a lot of that?

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