Thursday, October 18, 2007

Finals and other newsness'

Finals are this upcoming week. It's going to be a turbo stressful weekend. I had to attend the senior students IEEE project competition where I got to see some interesting stuff. Nothing to original though. I think three seperate groups did something that utilized a sensor to alarm cars when they're getting close to another vehicle. Probably the most boring, expected and obvious project ever. However, a guy who did a project without a group had a joystick connected to a mock UZI on a tripod (turret) which he could aim with the joystick and fire. We were supposed to ask the different projects a series of questions our instructor supplied us with, and consider ideas for our senior projects. I'm open to suggestions for anything. I was kind of thinking I'd make a theremin/ondes martenot, but it may be to time consuming and expensive. Input on possible electro-gadgets would be greatly appreciated. I was very disappointed when I found out one of my ideas had been capitalized on by some other joe looking to cash in on the adult novelty market. ("Goodbye interactive blowup doll with responsive software, you are no longer my possible intellectual property, but instead some schmoes meal ticket for life") What can you do? Ideas folks, gimme' ideas...

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The Critic said...

Off the top of me head?

A beeper that allows you to locate your remote control by pressing a button on your VCR/DVD/TV what have you. (Obvious, and been done before)

A projector that will allow you to watch movies from your video iPod against a sheet or wall.

An electronic glass paperweight that shuffles through various digital images.

Electro-shocking cock ring that can sense pre-ejaculate scrotal constriction and deliver a numbing burst of electricity to the base of the penis to delay orgasm. (That oughta get you back in the adult novelty market.)

Heat sensing coffee cup that warns you when the stuff's too hot to drink and alerts you when it's getting cold and sludgy.

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