Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Holy Sh*t! It's September Already?

What happened to our summer? I just realized I haven't posted a blog since JUNE! To be fair, I was rather busy this summer.

For one, we got married.

Our wedding, though a mountain of stress, fighting, emotions and financial strain ended up being a perfectly wonderful and glorious (albeit HOT) day in July. Dave and I loved every moment, and both of us cried throughout the entire ceremony which was perfectly personal for us. YAY, LOVE! As soon as I have some, I will share our wedding pictures. Can. Not. Wait.

Then, we went on a Honeymoon. Finally, some time together. We visited Rome, Florence, Tuscany and Venice and rounded out our trip with our dear friends wedding in London.

For more pictures of the places we visited, please visit my other blog Fauxtography.

Then, we settled into our brand new condo-- by painting and installing molding... among other tasks.

After all that was said and done, it was time for... relaxation? NO! a Puppy!

So we drove to Iowa and picked out a brand new great dane puppy. We got him home safe and sound, and two days later he was dreadfully ill-- parvo. He spent a week in the hospital, cost us a small fortune and a lot of worry. He has made it home now, but is still recovering and getting over a cold. Hopefully soon he grows out of his sickness and into a fun, chubby great dane puppy just like his  brother.

Meet Webster.

Now, if we can just all be healthy and happy, all will be right with the world...and we can finally calm down and relax... and, go back to school next week!

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