Monday, October 25, 2010

Pumpkins & Passports


Here we are quickly approaching Halloween, and we have yet to purchase any pumpkins. We've discussed carving ideas, and the fact that we ABSOLUTELY need actual carving tools, as evidenced by last years debacle during which my Hello Kitty turned out more like a faceless blob, Oogy Boogy was held together with toothpicks and of course Dave's Jack (like the one above... not an actual picture of his, but who can tell?) was perfect. This year we are thinking one large pumpkin for both of us. After all, let's be honest, it's just going to shrivel up and sit on our porch for weeks rotting until it snows and freezes and we forget about it until the Spring when we have to dispose of have rotten/frozen jack-o-lantern carcasses.  (again, as last year). My assumption is that we will get this pumpkin, and tools this week, so that we can carve this weekend, just in time for the holiday.

It is time for a passport renewal. It has been a while since I have traveled outside of the US, and my passport is a little out of date. I am notorious for bad pictures, to the point where professional photographers have commented that it's difficult to get a good shot, candid group shots from Christmas end up with me appearing slightly mentally handicapped, and ID pictures -- bad for everyone-- horrific for me.  Cases in point:
1. ID: bright red face, with scarf (it was winter) wrapped tightly around my (non-existent) neck.
2. Work ID: sunglasses on top of head, double chin action causing me to get stopped by security on a somewhat regular basis
3. Old Passport: apparently I was once a 12 year old computer game playing nerdy boy with a mullet. Awesome.

Hopefully the new picture is better. Though, I'm not getting my hopes up.


The Critic said...

I think a photo of this double chin is in order

Anonymous said...

I think all the pictures are in order.

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