Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Who Should Own Davies Priorities?


"FC Sochaux notified us that at this point Charlie has not been given medical clearance, and that they would not grant his full release to join the camp." - Bob Bradley USMNT Head Coach [source]

When did player contracts within clubs take priority over said players national team needs? Davies is injured, but we should be the people to decide if he is ready to play in South Africa, not his club team regardless of what is written in his contract. Don't get me wrong, I don't want an injured player playing as it doesn't do either team or athlete any good, but I think a national team would be considerably more important than any league team. I believe a professional players contract should be tailored around national team service/obligations, not vice versa.

This scenario with Davies, as an analogy, would be comparable to myself being sent a draft notification to go to basic training and subsequently Afghanistan, but my company of employ sent a letter back to the government telling them " we sincerely regret to inform you that Mr. Keirn won't be able to attend your war because computers and other technological hardware throughout Chicago and it's suburbs require his attention"... WHAT!? WHO ARE YOU!? seriously? seriously...

Playing a professional sport for your country is an honor and a privilege, and you should be proud to have that opportunity. Your participation is an admittance to the world that you're one of the elite from your country. That being said, everything else should take a backseat while you're out representing your home.

Maybe Davies French league team doesn't want him competing against France in general in the World Cup. Who knows. Maybe, just maybe, Davies should decide if he is ready and what he wants to do, not either team.

(keep in mind I haven't really taken into consideration the severity of Davies injuries/surgeries as related to the fatal auto crash which did actually kill another passenger)

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