Saturday, April 18, 2009

Indians 22 - Yankees 4

True story. I can only remember one time in tribe history that I might have been more proud, and that moment was in early August (or maybe it was September) of 2004 when the Indians beat the mighty billion dollar Yankees into the ground 22-0. (Enjoy the nostalgic photo)

Today's game was a very familiar ass whoopin' (22-4) which once again proves that a clubs ability to buy the best players in the entire league is not always going to prove that their club is the best. The tribe already embarrassed the Yankees in their new stadium home opener a couple of days ago, and this game is just icing on the cake. 14 runs in the second inning . . the most ever scored in a single inning ever against the Yankees. No one likes to see the Yankees win and growing up and spending the majority of my life thus far as an Ohioan, and even a Clevelander for a while, makes me feel all warm inside when a city like poor, dirty, post industrial Cleveland annihilates a big money, endless budget, corporate rich city like New York. Here are a few links to today's awesomeness here, here, and here.

<<<< here are your nuts New York.


The Critic said...

Oh, to hear yankee fans cry. It is music, music I tellz ya.

Kelly said...

I have to admit I was getting into the game yesterday until the fans decided to join in and play.

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