Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Discussion Sidenotes

1. I am absolutely thrilled with the participation and active discussion taking place in regards to the "debate" we have touched upon. I am overwhelmed with thankfulness that I have in my life so many intelligent, well spoken, opinionated people. THANK YOU.

2. Debate really means Discussion in my mind.

3. Can someone else please explain to D. that this is not anger driven, hateful, or attacking... that I was in fact trying to facilitate a discussion of interest/communication with his family members (and others) and thereby creating an even stronger bond between us? Please. I cannot seem to make this point.

4. Critic, I enjoy your book reviews, but I am horrible with comments. I regularly read them, often agree, and use as a guide when I need a new book. Most recent case: The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, I read after reading your review, as a direct result, actually. In many cases I will be standing in the book store, staring at a shelf and say, " Didn't he just review that one?" I may not comment but isn't knowing that your words are making a direct impact on my life much better than a silly comment?


Monday, January 26, 2009

Oh, It's On... Debate War

Disclaimer: Since it is usually necessary in the case when I decide to test the water and use my Internet blog as a sounding board for my personal opinions and ideas, please allow this brief disclaimer to provide comfort that a. I am not personally attacking anyone, b. It's ok to disagree, c. I enjoy debate and d. if you don't like it, don't read it. (A.)

As is customary in our household, we make a point of reading our friends/family members online rantings, and we hope that others do this with us as well. One page we frequent, and we frequently comment on is our dearest critic. On many occasions we are blessed with humorous anecdotes, current events and excellent book reviews. Also, on several occasions, the postings/comments lead us down the path of DEBATE.

Personally, I love these occasions. I love to disagree, and argue my point until I'm either deemed correct beyond argument or swayed to see the other sides. Usually, I admit, I like to play devil's advocate and offer multiple sides. ( apparently, this is infuriating). D. is a little less enthused by the debate side of my personality, as he would rather avoid conflict of all types at all costs. Thus, he has been very patient with me these past few years, and has even offered some opinions up to the "chopping block" if you will just to keep me satisfied. I truly believe that spirited debate is a valuable human capability, and that it allows us to truly better understand the world and the people we surround ourselves with ( or choose not to surround ourselves with). I believe that debate in a relationship keeps things alive, and the passion thriving. And, as I have said before, I just have that type of personality that needs a good fight once in a while.

That said. Please refer to the critic's remarks and the comments on the book Twilight before proceeding. Thus bringing us to the current debate topic.

D. has requested to be left out of this debate, but I'm going to put my home life happiness on the line and try to drag him back into it, as I think this one could get very interesting. All people involved have strong opinions on this one. ( D. don't be mad, I just think you have valid points to make and I cannot make them for you)

As it relates to the comments made by flaky genius ( D.'s sister) regarding the differences in adolescent girls and boys:

The luxury of being a boy in this country is that you are constantly reaffirmed—everyone tells you you’re special, and you believe it. Trust me, you believe you are special and entitled and superior. Girls live the opposite. So there’s Bella—the girl who thinks she’s invisible, the purported nerdy girl, the quiet, plain one, an outsider, the girl reading the book. But despite her beliefs about herself, she’s clearly wrong, as many of us hope to be. And just how wrong is she? Not only does she become the center of someone’s life, but this guy is a godlike creature, he is perfection. And he listens to her. This mythical god wants to know her favorite color, her old school buddies, the mundane details of her life. Girls aren’t usually listened to even when they’re saying something important.
Upon first reading this portion of the comment, D. was outraged and thus spawned his comments back which basically insist that this is not at all the case, and Flaky genius just wants to believe that girls had it worse because she is a girl.

This has led me to say, YES! Also, as a woman, I agree with her statements, she nailed it. (please read her ENTIRE comment in context) Men just cannot understand what life was like for women as young girls, because they did not have to endure the same ridicule from their peers. ( this relates to my theory that there is nothing in the universe, real or mythical or imagined that is as mean as a teenage girl)

Not to say that we as women completely understand the teenage life of a boy. But what I argue most enlightened adult women DO understand is that women's minds/emotions are very complex compared to that of men. And it was these complex minds and emotions that we were just learning how to control and understand as teens, and therefore, it was in fact harder for us.

Fire away. I want to hear it. I'm ready. Let the Debate begin!

To D. :Sorry Honey, but I WANT to hear your thoughts. Please don't see this as confrontation, the main characters involved in this one all happen to love each other very much and have a mutual respect for one another, so I highly doubt that anyone is personally attacking anyone or that this will cause major uproar. ( I could be wrong, but I feel like this particular debate is safe)I love you.

To Flaky Genius & The Critic: Thank you for your insight and comments, I hope to hear more from you! Keep it coming! I envy your ability to debate with grace!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Garfield's Favorite...Changed?

We love Lasagna. To be honest, we love most pasta, and most food, but this particular debate centers entirely around Garfield's favorite meal.

Classic Lasagna is made in layers, and creates a huge pan full of food for two people. While this seems like a great idea since it will feed two numerous times, and can be frozen, it still leaves the problem of feeling like you must eat it in a relatively short time span ( so it doesn't spoil) which essentially leaves you eating it every day for a week. D. will tell you this a wonderful thing about lasagna. I will tell you that even though I love it, I don't want to eat it every day!

D. is also hard core, original recipe. Basically, he freaks out any time I try something new. Granted, I have made a few mistakes ( mint lemonade) and have skimped where I shouldn't have ( spinach lasagna without enough sauce) but usually I come up with some pretty good stuff (taco bake, short bread cookies, enchiladas, guacamole etc.) *Note: D. LOVES mexican food, therefore most of my creations are mexican inspired*

Our mutual love of original lasagna is not to be understated. In fact, D. made me one of the best birthday meals of my adult life last year when he crafted what ended up being the best lasagna I've ever had ( sorry Mom). I realize that changing that faithful recipe is a difficult thing to consider... however...

This brings us to the new lasagna recipe I have discovered. Everything remains the same ingredient wise, the only difference is, instead of layering the noodles, you roll them up. Thus giving you the advantage to make as little or as much as you want.

D. is appalled. I am excited. Most people tell me it seems like something will be missing. But, I intend to TRY.
Tonight, I will make the questionable lasagna, and the debate will be settled.

The picture to the right is of the new recipe.
Nothing looks missing or wrong to me, in fact it looks delicious. But would Garfield disagree? Would he turn up his nose in disgust, or would it all be the same, just with a twist?
I guess we will find out tonight.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I am ...venting.

As we round out the first full month of 2009, I find myself wrapped in a myriad of emotions. So much, yet so little has happened.

I am happy. In my personal life, things are somewhat stagnant. My job is steady ( which I realize is saying quite a lot in the current economy). I still enjoy my career, and we aren't planning any major moving for a while. D. is finishing up this round of school this June, Wellstone is growing nicely into a well rounded, spoiled great dane, and Gizmo remains, well... Gizmo ( if you know her, you know what that means) We have what we need to get by, are no longer struggling with no hope and no money. We are looking forward to watching the superbowl on our new plasma ( or lcd.. yet to be determined) television. Things on the homefront are everything we could dream. I am very happy. D. and I both feel we are headed in the right direction and only positive things are ahead.

I am hopeful. I listened to the inaugural speech today while working, and felt exactly as I have felt each time our new president speaks. He is the message of hope and I am willing to believe in him, and the future of our nation. Things will get better, and we will rise above the difficulties we are now facing. I hope, we are not let down.

I am sad. This past week my great grandmother passed away. She was 103 years old. How much she saw in her lifetime, the Great Depression, both World Wars, and the evolution of industry and technology. Just think what the automobile has evolved into over the past 100 years. She was a great woman, whom I did not spend entirely enough time with. She was funny and as a result one of my favorite people. I have been fortunate that in my lifetime I have only lost 2 relatives. Both of them wonderful, inspiring, bright women who made up part of the woman I am today. As I think back on both of them, I try to remember their brightest days, their wise eyes and their warm smiles. I should, I realize take more time to get to know my still living relatives, and learn from their vast knowledge, before it's too late.

I am worried. D.'s grandmother has fallen ill again. I have spent time with her, and have come to feel like she is an extended part of my own family. My heart, and I am sure D.'s heart, is with her now and we both wish her a speedy recovery.

I am angry. I am so angry I can't stand it. I can't seem to release the anger, though I have tried. I have been betrayed, lied to, and therefore confused. I do not know what to be other than angry. Even though, I am trying with all my power to be understanding, to educate myself, to listen, I am angry. I will forever be angry that someone hurt you. I will always have the feeling that I need to protect you, or save you from harm. I am angry that I cannot save you now, and that you do not want me to. Please understand that I am trying to overcome this, but I have to let it out.

I am understanding. I do understand. I am listening. I know that I need to be here for you, and I am. I am here for you to trust. I do understand, how could I not? You have to follow your heart now, just as I have so many times in the past. I understand.

I am health conscious. I made it my 29th year resolution to finally care about my outer self. I have never been a woman to put much effort into physical appearance, or healthy practices. This year, however, I have decided to overcome that. I have begun a Pilate's workout everyday, and truly do feel a lot better. I will work on eating better, though to be honest, thus far, it hasn't happened. ( burger king just tastes SOOO good sometimes)

I am in love. I love D. more now than ever. I am truly happy to have found in him a person who can put up with all my craziness, my opinions and my outbursts. Not to mention my tendency for clutter, and reluctance to do household chores like laundry.

I am nervous. About what, I don't know. I just feel anxious all the time. I seriously need to relax.

And there, I have vented. About everything, perhaps not. About enough, definitely.

And on that note: I leave you with this scene ( a dream I had the other night)

The wind, the sand, the water, the sun.... ah.... paradise. Relaxing, isn't it? If only I could feel that way in my waking hours.


Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dreams to Remember

Apparently, the feeling of being carefree, and driving a 1960's Aston Martin convertible through the French Countryside is something I long for.

Meanwhile, who knew I knew what a 1960's Aston Martin looked like, or the French Countryside for that matter, enough to dream it perfectly... or that I would be lucky enough to find pictures of exactly those things, as they appeared in my dream... weird...

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